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About South Charlotte Partners


South Charlotte Partners Inc., an advocacy organization, was formed to act as a unified voice in response to issues impacting the area due to the continued strong growth and development.

We advocate for matters that have an impact on the day to day activities of residents and businesses in South Charlotte.

Find out more information about our area advocacy  below and on our news page HERE.


South Charlotte Partners’ mission is to be a unified voice for the interests of South Charlotte through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration.



The vision for South Charlotte Partners is to assist in promoting and maintaining the area’s quality of life as being a premier destination to live, work and play.


Our Priorities & Areas of Interest


Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest


South Charlotte Partners will focus on these priorities while advocating.

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest


These are the key areas of interest that South Charlotte Partners will focus on while advocating for the area 

Community Engagement


Ballantyne Breakfast Club

South Charlotte Partners has taken on the role of organizing The Ballantyne Breakfast Club. This longstanding club was founded in 2001 as a communication forum for the South Charlotte / Ballantyne area to keep our community informed. 

Find more information about the Ballantyne Breakfast Club with the link below:

Presentations - Community Health/School Overcrowding Meeting

Below are the PowerPoint presentations from the Ballantyne Breakfast Club's Community Health and School Overcrowding meeting on April 10, 2019. The first set includes all of the presentations and a link to the CMS slides. The second set includes only the CMS slides presented by CMS Superintendent Clayton Wilcox.

Slides From Community Health & School Overcrowding Meeting (pdf)


CMS Presentation by Supr. Clayton Wilcox (pdf)


Presentations from Ballantyne HOA Meeting

Below are the PowerPoint presentations from South Charlotte Partners (Victoria Nwasike) and the Charlotte Planning Department (Taiwo Jaiyeoba) presented during the Ballantyne HOA Leadership Meeting on January 10, 2019.

South Charlotte Partners Presentation (pdf)


Charlotte Planning Director Presentation (pdf)


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